Wedding Dress Shopping 101


If you are engaged and ready to shop this post is FOR YOU!  As with most of us, once we’re engaged we can’t wait to find that dress…The Dress…you know, the white one you’ve dreamed about twirling in since you were a little girl!  Even when we have a vision of what we want our dress to look like the adventure in finding it can be overwhelming.  I am lucky enough to have a friend (Taryn!) in the wedding industry who answered some of the most asked questions about wedding dress shopping!  In this post Taryn is going to walk you through the dos and don’ts of shopping for the right dress, her personal experiences in the wedding industry and give you some tips about how you can not only find your dream dress but have fun with your girlfriends in the process!  Let’s dive in:


1. Tell us a little about yourself and how you ended up in the wedding industry.
My name is Taryn and I have the sweetest 4 year old little boy named Liam! I started working at J&B Bridals in Chambersburg, PA, about 6 years ago. At the time I was extremely interested in pursuing a career in fashion design, but God had other plans for me and I ended up falling in love with the wedding industry and found out that this is the career path I wanted to take.

2. So, a bride gets engaged and is ready to start prepping for her big day. What should be her first few steps of planning in regards to her wedding dress?
After you get engaged, most girls jump on Pinterest and start looking at wedding dresses! Pinterest is great for the consultants to have ideas of what the bride is looking for.  Also, figuring out your budget and how much you want to spend on your dress before you go shopping is an absolute necessity.  If you have a certain theme you would like for your wedding, it’s nice to be able to find a dress that compliments not only you but also the vibe of your wedding.

3. What kind of styles or trends are you seeing for the 2018 wedding season? I know am loving the split sleeves and floral accents!
SLEEVES SLEEVE SLEEVES! My brides are loving sleeves! Also, open and illusion backs are popular and I can’t get enough of it. I’m not seeing white anymore – it seems like Ivory has become the new white. There’s also lots of other champagne and blush tones that brides have been loving too!

4. You work with brides every day who are seeking out their dream dress. What are the most common mistakes you see brides make when trying to choose their dream dress?
Having an open mind is so important while shopping for your wedding dress. If you aren’t liking a certain style, switch up the styles and see what you think about them once you’ve tried them on. I have brides all the time that say they will not try on a certain style but then end up purchasing the style they said they don’t like! The day you purchase your wedding dress is such a special day that you want to share with your family. Sometimes when you have a big party come along with you, there can be a lot of opinions thrown around. I always encourage my brides to pick the dress they want and not what everyone else wants. It’s the brides big day and she deserves to feel beautiful in the dress she picked!

5. How far in advance should a bride be purchasing her dress? Is 1 year too soon or is it not soon enough?
One year is the perfect timing especially if you are looking for a specific style. If you need to order your dress, they can take several months to come in. You will also need a couple months for alterations as well. But with that being said I have also sold dresses to brides who were getting married on a whim the next weekend – it just all depends how flexible you are with your dress!

6. Okay, I think a lot of us are wondering…is there really a perfect style for a specific type of body shape or do you recommend brides to buy what fits their style? What’s important when choosing a wedding dress?
Every bride likes different styles. The most flattering styles are A-line or ball gown because they flow out below the waist and help slim the mid section. What’s important is that a bride feels comfortable in her dress!

7. We all love seeing the “I said ‘Yes’ to the dress” photos brides take with their entourage. Who are the best people for brides to bring wedding dress shopping and how many people are too many people to bring?
Bring the people whose opinion you care about the most. There’s really no magic number of people to bring with you.  You will be receiving a lot of differing opinions if you bring a lot of people so just keep that in mind when you’re deciding who to invite! 

8. A lot of brides incorporate accessories (jewelry, shoes, wraps, brooches) in their wedding attire and have endlessly searched Pinterest for their favorite eye-catching gown. What should a bride be bringing with her to her dress appointment?
Most bridal boutiques will have lots of jewelry and veils to try on with your dress. Often times, when I put a veil on my bride it helps her visualize everything completely and confirms her decision on her dress. So if you have accessories already picked out you can bring them but try to have an open mind to what the boutique has to offer.

9. What are the top 3 tips you would give your brides when they go dress shopping?
     1. Have an open mind. Some styles you might not like, will look amazing on you!
     2. Review your budget so you know what you can look for when you go shopping.
     3. Bring the people that matter the most to you to your appointment.


Thank you Taryn for answering these questions and helping out all the brides out there who are still browsing for their dream dress!


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